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Welcome to team Terezi♥Sollux! If all members could post a comment to introduce themselves using the following form, that would be excellent:

Preferred name:
Time zone:
What are you hoping to create for the team?:
What do you like about the ship?:

I'll do my own as an example.

Preferred name: Scri
Email: shoesbeforepants@gmail.com
Skype/AIM/MSN/etc: scromplimentary (skype)
Tumblr: heybuddyboy
Time zone: PDT (GMT - 7:00 hrs)
What are you hoping to create for the team?: First and foremost, I draw-- this ship particularly-- a lot. I also like to write, though I'm less confident in my skills in that area. I'm pretty helpful during the early stages of any writing project, since plot, characterization and AU-specific character design are all really fun areas for me, but follow-through is... well, whatever you call the opposite of a strong-suit. When I do manage to keep my shit together, however, I'm pretty handy to collaborate with, since I have a lot of experience working on projects with groups. Finally, I love to cosplay as well, and Brett (rieduentant here, tha-snazzle on Tumblr) and I live in the same area and have done lots of paired cosplays in the past.
What do you like about the ship?: This is my OTP! I know most people ship them as moirails rather than matesprits, and that's fine with me too, but I thought this less-explored quadrant possibility deserved its own team too. As I see it, the difference between the pale and the red quadrant is that moirails wish to help each other work through their problems and keep their partner at peace with the rest of the world, while, on the other hand, matesprits favor their partner over everyone else and are more likely to want to express their love through dramatic scenarios-- cheesy dates, expensive gifts, fantasies about 'saving' their partner from the trials of their daily life-- than through small, helpful gestures.
At any rate, I like Sollux/Terezi because these two characters seem, from their limited interaction, to get along better with each other than either of them do with most of their other friends. Sollux is not only ornery as hell but seemingly rather shy-- anyone else notice that Terezi, Karkat, Aradia and eventually Feferi are the only characters he'll willingly start a conversation with? He'll talk to the others if they bother him, but Terezi and Karkat are the only trolls he isn't extremely terse with. Of course, it's possible he's just acting out of disdain for the rest of them, but on the other hand, isn't that the assumption that incorrectly gets made about most shy people?
Terezi, on the other hand, is extremely outgoing but her presence in many of the other characters' lives seems unwarranted. Gamzee is merely puzzled by her, and Karkat, her possible love interest no less, refuses to even try to understand her insights. She, in turn, is condescending both to him and to virtually everyone else she talks to... but she stays fairly level with Sollux.
Sure, they make fun of each other like any other two characters in Homestuck, but she's also the only person he has ever admitted that he trusts. Furthermore, though she pokes at his flaws the way she does with everyone else, she's gentler with him than she is with Karkat. She asks him whether he thinks his vision might be clouded by the way he feels about himself, rather than informing him that it is and dismissing his predictions because of it. Coming from Terezi, I think this is one of the few things it's safe to interpret as a sign of respect.
It strikes me as incredibly sweet that in a series full of abrasive personalities, one of the least vitriolic friendships is one between a psychic doomsayer and a synesthetic wanna-be lawyer. This dynamic is so promising! And yet we see hardly any of it in canon, less in fanon. Soooo... whaddya say we change that?


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